Why You Need to Rethink Your Job

Right now, your job takes up the vast majority of your free time. You probably spend 8 hours a day at work and at least 1 hour a day commuting. Sometimes you’ll clock out late (most times in fact) and then there’s the time you spend getting your lunch and clothes ready for work. In short, you don’t really spend 8 hours a day at work… you spend 10 hours at least. You spend 8 hours sleeping too, so that means you have 6 hours max to yourself.
Oh dear.

And here’s the thing: your job is only likely to get more stressful. As most of us try to gain a better salary, we are forced to take on more responsibilities and this ends up meaning we work longer hours and feel more stressed and more burned out at the end of the day.

The problem is that many of us don’t realize we have a choice. We assume that the only way to feel like we’re accomplishing something is to work harder. We feel like the only way that we can make more money is again to work harder.

The Alternative

Here’s an alternative: how about you aim to make your 9-5 job as easy as possible and in the meantime, you get your fulfillment and extra income from a hobby.

Would you like to be a painter? Then you can work any job during the day and spend your evenings painting. The painting is where you can try and ‘achieve’ something and get the satisfaction, not your data entry job. And if you can sell a couple of paintings then you’ll be able to supplement your income as well!

Instead of looking for the job with the best salary, look for the job with the most flexible time. Time is worth more than money in terms of freedom and this will ultimately lead to greater happiness.

Now you have a new aim: instead of working hard to get more work, work hard to reduce your work. Ask your boss about flexi-time, or if you can work from home one day in order to gain back more hours. You might be surprised how flexible they can be and if they’re not? Consider looking elsewhere.

Remember, even if you’re taking a pay cut, you can always make that money back in other ways and you can always find fulfilment in the things you’re really passionate about!


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