How to Buy Back Your Time!

If you ran a business, then you would recognize the value of time. Time is money as they always say and if you can get back an hour in the day then you can use that hour to do one more job for one more client and get paid once more!

Thus any time you outsource a job, you should be able to work out just how much this is profiting you. Every job you hire someone to do should be an investment that will offer a return. The more you spend, the more you should make.

People don’t think about their personal lives this way but they should. Your time might not be worth money but it certainly has value. And it has much more value than most people give it credit for. Ultimately, time is freedom.

Time is what you use to do the things you love, to be with the people you love and to push yourself toward your goals.

How to Outsource in Your Personal Life

And just as you can in your career, you can outsource jobs in your personal life in order to gain back more time. Sometimes this will cost money but if you value your time as being worth more than the money you’re spending – which you should do – then you’re getting ROI.

So what’s an example of this? How about hiring a cleaner! When you hire a cleaner you are paying someone to do household chores that you don’t want to do. This can save you hours a week of sweeping, wiping and washing while at the same time resulting in a cleaner house than you could have accomplished yourself!

Alternatively, you could even consider hiring a VAS. This is a Virtual Assistant who can help you by doing any task they can do online: they will do things like making appointments, booking hotel rooms, booking meetings and more!

And then there are ways you can outsource your life by teaming up with your friends. For instance, if you want to save time shopping then you could partner up with someone and take it in turns to shop for each other (as you’re going to the shops for yourself anyway).

Or how about hiring your kids to sweep the patio? If they’re young enough they might even find it fun while you’ll gain more time to spend with them later on!

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