Tips and Tricks

How to Workout in 10 Minutes

One thing you need to learn to do if you’re going to get more time back in your life is to work out in a small space of time. Why? Because exercise is crucial to giving you more energy which in turn will allow you to get more out of the time you do have. At the same time, exercise normally takes a very long time. If you are currently doing a 40 minute workout at the gym, commuting there and back and also washing up a […]

How to Speed Read

Looking to save yourself time and get more done in the small amounts of time you do have in the day? Then how about trying to speed read? Speed read is the process of scanning through text while at the same time still taking in all the information. This is something some people are very good at and other people struggle with, so let’s look at some methods you can use to learn it. Use a Tool One easy way to learn to speed read is to […]

How to Buy Back Your Time!

If you ran a business, then you would recognize the value of time. Time is money as they always say and if you can get back an hour in the day then you can use that hour to do one more job for one more client and get paid once more! Thus any time you outsource a job, you should be able to work out just how much this is profiting you. Every job you hire someone to do should be an investment that will offer a […]

How to Spend Less Time Cooking

One of the biggest lies you see commonly in books and online is that you can cook a meal in ten minutes. How often have you seen books with titles like ‘Ten Minute Meals’? There are a few things you can cook in ten minutes but really these don’t get much more ambitious than beans on toast or ‘an egg’. If you want to make an actual meal though, you’ll spend a lot more time in the kitchen. The perfect example of this is when you see […]